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Features of Single Speed Bikes that Make it Fun to Use

Today, you can find two different bike groups that you can choose from.  You can bike geared bikes which is a display of the marvels in technology with their gears.  There are also simple bikes without the gears and which are called single speed bikes.  Whether you buy a geared bike or a single speed one, it all depends on your preference, and whatever you buy you will find that they have their own advantages and disadvantages.  People should buy bikes according to what is comfortable to them.  There are reasons why bikers would prefer a geared bike but our discussion today will center on why some bikers also prefer single speed bikes.  Here are the main benefits of getting a single speed bike.

A single speed bike is a lot cheaper than a geared bike and is one of the main reasons why people buy it.  Geared mechanisms make a bike more expensive and thus without it, the bike will cost less.  Single speed bikes are ideal for people who are low in budget.  It is best to give it a try if it is really the bike you want.  If you like the feel of having just a single speed then go ahead and make the purchase.

Single speed bikes are also simple to use.  It can be compared to driving an automatic car where you don't have to bother about changing gears.  In an automatic car, if you want to go faster, then you have to step harder.  This is the same with the single speed bike.  The speed of a single speed bike depends on how fast you pedal it.

One benefit of Single Speed Mountain Bikes is its lightweightedness.  If you compare them with geared bikes, they are much lighter.  However, this does not mean that they can get better speeds than geared bikes because acceleration depends on how fast you pedal and it still depends on you.  It is however beneficial if you have to transport your bike somewhere.

If your single speed bike is freewheel then it is very much fun to use it.  Coasting is fun after pedaling really hard.  Coasting is great because you can enjoy the wonderful scenery while cool wind blows on your face.  A Single Speed Road Bikes is also good for workouts in a certain terrain.

It is easy to maintain them because they have a simple mechanism.  If they don't often fall from great height, they are very durable.

if you want to have fun in biking single speeds are best.  You can use it for recreation and exercise despite not being as practical as a geared one.  Go for single speed with freewheel for more biking fun.  Those with no freewheel are called fixed-gear bikes.  You can have great fun with it but it is not just adaptive to different terrain. Visit this website at for more details about bicycles.